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New ‘HOT-BOX’ Tinting Window Film Changes Shade and Colours!

Okay, okay before you hit play on that video and warn you this is one of the coolest videos that you’re ever going to see. A car window tint that change colours! I’ve seen a lot of custom cars throughout my racing days and some car is worth well more than $1 million. However I have never seen a vehicle that has been tinted like this one. I even look through the entire gallery when I went to tint my car in Hamilton to see it what vehicles had been through their shop and if there was any custom upgrades that I could blog about. The owner there let me know that not much has changed as far as the visual aspect of window films and car tinting. However the quality of the film has gone up there is actually a ceramic tint now available but she hadn’t even seen this type of tint. Well I will stop with the suspense go ahead and watch this video.

So this is called the SDS electric switchable card tent. It seems like something out of the James Bond movie. I think there was an episode of James Bond where they enter the shower and it seems like it’s going to be a new team and then they lean up against a button that instantly turns the window into a privacy proof films somehow. I guess there is some technology within the window itself that turns the glass pane into a blurred form that prevents anyone from seeing through. The problem is that the visibility looking at it is probably not that great. Unless there’s something I’m missing. Because every time I’ve seen a film like this. Whether it was in a business office or some sort of law firm… Something like that. It seems like the whole point was to block you from both sides but have some ability to let light through above head level and closer to your feet so that it seemed more open in the area.

If someone would like to contact this company or share any information about whether or not you can see through these tints I’d certainly like to know. But this is only one example of how you can have your window tints changed. Without one it looks a little bit like a bite be an issue of not having the ability to go with the classic blue to black tinted colored that most people want. Check out this next video where they actually install a window that can have the shade changed apparently by just turning a knob inside of the vehicle. This would be a hilarious thing to use if you got somebody looking at you and you wanted to trip them out really quickly by having your window tent. I can only imagine how quickly their jaws would drop. It’s probably the only time they’ll ever see a vehicle with this installed. Here’s the video take a watch of what they’ve done below and let me know what you think…

At some point I think the entire upper portion of the vehicle is going to be some sort of tempered glass combination that will completely eliminate all blind spots within the vehicle. Now that’s not to say that the blind spot cell phone exist because of the mirror situation but it’s also possibility that the mirror situation is changed in the future. I think I’m going to wait about five years before trying any technology like this because it’s highly unlikely that it will be right the first time around. I’ll do some more research and periodically add some more information to this blog so I can find out more about how they change tints specifically and what technology is used to make this happen. I think there’s a big opportunity with tempered glass for people to make vehicles safer and also incorporate more technology within the windows themselves like on-screen displays and ability to dark in the shade of the window with some sort of internal tint similar to the ones already invented.

Shooting on the news: Mental health and guns

Holy I was just sitting here watching the news and heard about that crazy guys just walking up from behind the camera. Just a horrible horrible event. My thought and prayers go out to the families of those two victims. The state of our mental health system is outrageous that this guy is just fired from his job and left to sit around and come up with a revenge plot…don’t people understand how important it is to help people transition. I know we can’t predict these things but there’s gotta be a way to allow these people to come forward and get the help they need without facing ridicule. Who knows why he was fired but I guess he thought it was racially charged. Either way, it’s tearable. I;m moving up to Canada where this doesn’t happen as a protest. WE DON’T NEED GUNS! Take the lollipop aways from the hunters, they’ll get over it. Let’s control deer population in an intelligent way, not promoting gun use to kids as a good way to pass time. RANT OVER B. Wilson.

How To Keep Your Car Clean With A Dog

You know that feeling when you just cleaned your car and you remember, “right I have a dog.” This going to last a day or two. The floor has been vacuumed and lint rolled 1000 times. The dog’s collar has warn down the side of the seat from frantically trying to get to the dog park just that much faster. Well, I say there, where there is a man and a dope whip there is a solution to this little problem. So what the %$&* can we do.

I would start by putting down a sheet every time, I mean every time. Not one that is going to be left in there all the time. At which point you end up pushing it around and get hair all over anyways. If you have made an investment in a fancy dog collar like my dog’s new one. You’ll have to be careful of your seat too. Make sure you sheet is think enough so that your dog’s paws or gear doesn’t scrape the back of the seat. This, assuming you keep your dog in the back seat. Which is something I definitely recommend everyone do. It’s just not worth it having him upfront and him suddenly lunging at you.

Now if you were someone that just simply gives up on stuff, you would say, it’s going to happen anyway. Clean your car once a week. Turns out theres is a way. No only can you use the sheet method but there are new dog hammocks out that get the job done pretty well. One thing to watch out for is how closed off the hammock is at the door. The good ones have a hidden zipper to protect the door handle area while other are simply open.

At the very least this is going to reduce the amount of furr rolling around back there. Which is a start. Now just rewind time and and get a non shedding breed…psych. Now you may not have a choice for your dogs breed after the fact. BUT, you do have a choice for the next car you buy. May I suggest leather? I know everyone worries but with a cover the airborne hair will easily be swept off the seat rather than somehow digs its way deep into the fabric of seats sued materials. Leather is probably the best way to go. Tanned leather is probably best as scratches barely even show. Dirt can be wiped off much more easily. Which is big for me since we go to the dog park all the time.

My next move? Well I’m definitely going to get one of those jeeps and install a cool popup cage in th back with a safe chilling area for my dog. My street cars are just no ideal for him. Owning a dog and having a gear head lifestyle is tough but I think I should just invest in the second more rugged, used, not give a damn vehicle for this purpose and my hockey gear too which can be pretty grimy.

Most vehicle make do have the option of buying directly from their site though. SOoo you can just get extra mats for when you want to appear professional. In conclusion you have two options. Get a back seat hammock that your dog can’t pull of the seats OR have a switchable set of mats and covers for when you want to have a presentable car.

Live with passion,

B. Wilson