Shooting on the news: Mental health and guns

Holy I was just sitting here watching the news and heard about that crazy guys just walking up from behind the camera. Just a horrible horrible event. My thought and prayers go out to the families of those two victims. The state of our mental health system is outrageous that this guy is just fired from his job and left to sit around and come up with a revenge plot…don’t people understand how important it is to help people transition. I know we can’t predict these things but there’s gotta be a way to allow these people to come forward and get the help they need without facing ridicule. Who knows why he was fired but I guess he thought it was racially charged. Either way, it’s tearable. I;m moving up to Canada where this doesn’t happen as a protest. WE DON’T NEED GUNS! Take the lollipop aways from the hunters, they’ll get over it. Let’s control deer population in an intelligent way, not promoting gun use to kids as a good way to pass time. RANT OVER B. Wilson.